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The Bona Fide Life is in the process of being fixed up to look pretty. It will be looking different and missing a few things for probably the next week. However please feel free to click around. Or if you need to contact me please email me at mchestnut02 at gmail dot com. My most recent post is below.


Thank you and have a great first week of February!

Opening The Door To My Life, Take 2

It’s been awhile folks! It feels so good to btake 2e writing again. I just wanted to say hello and let you know I am back. I’m in the middle of a change in jobs. Yes I am going to start blogging again and working outside of the home. I know I need to write, if anything for my own saving grace. I’ve missed doing this. Words cannot explain how much I’ve missed it! I’ve had a lot of changes happen since my last post back in 2012. I also learned a little more about who I am and what I’ve done wrong and right in the past when it comes to life and blogging. So stay tuned for more on that in the coming weeks. It feels like I’m starting over. However, that is okay because I am doing it all different now. Living different and writing different! Opening the door to my life, take 2!

There will be changes and first on the list is only writing when I can. I’m not going to promise Monday through Friday and I am not going to push myself to do more than I can. As I am comfortable, I may add some things that are regular but for now I just can’t. Here is why:

If I promise you or even myself to write “x” amount of days a week, I will fail. Back in 2012, I was saying yes to everything that came my way and pretty much feeling crazy because I was trying to do it all and then some. I could not keep up. This kept me from doing the things I promised I would do. This is not good for my blog and definitely not me. Guilt is a horrible thing! As much as I want to go full force back into this, it will cause failure. I am fighting my own demons with that at this very moment, as I type this. So the only thing I can promise is that I am back.

I cannot push myself and plan out what I’m going to do like a lot of writers do. My health since Thyroid Cancer has changed how I look at things and what I know I can do (even if I’m a little on denial on that one!). One of those things is I cannot anticipate or promise that I will be able to keep up with a blog 5 days a week or even 4. At least for now, I’m looking at 1 to 3 days a week. I know that is pretty general but it gives me leg room to do what I’m able to do.

So if you are here because you love me and want to see me share, stick around but be patient! If you are new here, please stick around I love meeting new people and I have so much to share! My door is open again to allow those who do know me and those who don’t into my life again. Starting over, the new Chele. I need this and hopefully I will help others by sharing my life experiences.

You don’t have to have a health reason to confirm you are putting too much on yourself; you just have to be still and see what is happening around you. Doing too much causes chaos in us and those around us. It causes friendships to be lost, business relationships to be burned and loved ones hurt. Don’t be the old me.

Have you ever realized you are doing too much? How did you realize it? What did you do to correct it? Have you ever just started over?

Try Something New – Wordless Wednesday

I’ve been trying something new while trying to learn who I am! Enjoy the birthday mud pie!

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Tag you are it! What have you done recently that is new?

How To Use Windows Movie Maker

Remember how I told you I was busy finding myself over the past few months? One thing I found about me is that I actually DO enjoy learning technology and trying it out! This past spring semester I had a class at the college called Emerging Technologies. It was all about the different types of technology available and how to use them. One thing they shared was how to use Windows Movie Maker. I used it to say thanks to my friends and family for making me laugh!

Now hear me all of you advanced users, I know there are other programs to use. You can skip to the comments and tell me what they are! This one however, I think is a great stepping stool to the more advanced programs.

Did you know most of us with a PC that have Microsoft Windows software actually have Windows Movie Maker? Oh and it is so much fun! To find it on your PC go to your START menu and either “search” for or find Windows Movie Maker.  If you don’t have it and you would like to download it go to the Microsoft Download Center to get it. You will need to know which Windows your PC is running and download the appropriate one. Anyone can do this even if you are not good at technology! If I can do it you can do it!

7 Steps to make a quick and easy Windows Movie Maker file:

1. Pick some photos you would like to include. A good hint our teacher told us was to copy them to a new folder because if you are anything like me, you have thousands of photos in your “My Pictures” on your PC.

2. Open your Windows Movie Maker and add your photos. Click on Add Photos or Videos. You do NOT have to download a video to use this movie maker!

3. Choose what photos and videos you would like in the movie.

4. Once you have them open, you can move them around in the order you want them.

5. You can now add a title, caption and/or credits to your movie. You can also trim  the video’s you opened, fade in and out, add music and a lot more!

6. Play around with it. Learn how to use the animations, visual effects and tools it provides!

7. When you are done, I would personally make a copy for your file first. Then you can publish to DVD, YouTube and others. Make sure to share with others!


Here is the video I made. It really was easy and I had a blast doing it! (It also gave me all sorts of ideas!) Please take a moment to watch it because I’m thanking you and of course there are some funny photos in there!

Tag your it! Have you ever played with Windows Movie Maker? Do you have any recommendations for other types of movie makers that are similar?

 I am not getting paid in any way, shape or form for talking about this Windows product. I just enjoyed learning how to use it! :)

Find yourself In The Garden – Wordless Wednesday

On Monday I shared how I’ve been away because I’ve been busy finding myself. One way to do that is by taking time to find yourself in the garden!

Find yourself by trying something new! Look Mom I didn't kill something that grows in dirt! ha!
Find yourself by stopping to smell the roses!
But beware of snakes!! Oh my... I about had a heart attack!

Snakes and bugs are not my friends. My sissy pants come on and automatically want to stay inside! This usually keeps me from spending much time outside at this time of year. However, I really saw the beauty of it this season until I saw the snake and then I was scared to walk around the house again!

Tag your it! Do you like to garden? If not, why?

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