Kaleigh’s Beach Sweep

On Sunday March 15th family and friends gathered on Holden Beach to clean up the trash. We were out there for 2 1/2 hours picking up trash.



























This is the type of trash we found. We found candy rappers,soda bottles and mainly cigarette butts!!

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When we went to pick up trash I was very thankful that most of the trash were in the trash cans! That made me very happy and the only sad part was we did find trash on the beach!!

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We started at the Holden Beach Pier!!! I had friends and family friends come to help!! We all split up in to different directions. Half of us when to the right and the others went to left. And we all went back at the pier and we went the opposite direction we went before!!

When we went to throw away our trash it made me so happy that some part of the beach is finally clean!! Every time I found a piece of trash it really hurt me because so many trash was on the beach when so many birds and sea turtles are laying their eggs there! Different types of animals live and rest there everyday!!


Please remember to leave only footprints on the beach, NO TRASH!









Which Super Power Would You Use?

20140214_193957Hello all! Meet my husband. He’s funny, intelligent and can also be serious, at times. I hope you enjoy this fun post he wrote for you!

Once a week a local radio station in our area likes to pose some of those hypothetical questions, you know the kind; “Would you rather get your head stuck in the stairway banister or pee on an electric fence?” Well a few weeks ago they posed one that really made me stop and think. The question they asked was, “If you had the choice which super power would you choose teleportation or time-travel?” I thought about this for some time before I called in with my response!

Aside from the whole complex paradox problem of running into yourself and causing the world to implode or some other ridiculous craziness let’s think realistically. Traveling back in time, sure you may change an act that you have done. Maybe you do not go out with that butthole ex-boyfriend from the coffee shop. Or what if you take that job offer in Seattle? All these what ifs that you could undo or change for your benefit. So I ask you to think about this! All these hardships you wish undone, they are what have made you who you are. Maybe you take that job in Seattle. All of a sudden you are not in the same place you were before. You turn to an alcoholic, or start popping pills to take away the depression brought on by your “preferred” career and married to a cheating wife. Not quit what you had in mind is it. Maybe that speeding ticket you wish you could go back and not get. Well what you didn’t know was that ticket kept you from the car accident 4 blocks away. Now you are paralyzed or worse yet dead!

SO, are you that unhappy with whom you are that you are willing to put it all up for chance to change your entire existence. Every hardship, every failed relationship, or lost job all of these things have contributed to who you are. You are the product of all these stepping stones you have endured. No matter how painful or joyful! They made you who you are!
I called into the station and gave my perspective. The DJ’s response was “Oh you just got deep on me!” I quaintly replied “somebody had to do it!”

So, who wants to teleport? Oh yes please, me first! Who wouldn’t want to do that! Think of the money you could save on gas. This day and age with the price of fuel I would say everyone! Let’s go to the beach. Poof we are at the beach. I mean hello awesome! It’s like being Nightcrawler from the X-men. It makes me giddy like a school girl just thinking about.

So think it through, which super power would you use? Share your thoughts and reasoning to support your decision.

My Thoughts on Shakeology After One Week

shake selfieI am SO very excited to share with you that I have not only lost 5 lbs in this past week but I’ve also lost an inch off my waist! Although the best thing of all is I feel better than I have in 5 years! I am so stinking excited that I can’t stand myself. Please bear with me! Ha!

Dealing with hypothyroidism comes with a continuous list of issues including blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, GI issues, fatigue and energy being extremely low. I deal with all of the above and then some. I feel completely well this week! So below are my own thoughts on Shakeology combined with partial clean eating (I’m getting there!).

It’s actually my favorite meal of the day! It’s gritty like any other shake unless you try some recipes to mix. Then it’s fine. I would rather have Shakeology than any of those nasty weight loss and protein shakes I’ve tried in the past! As a matter of fact, I want it for every meal! Yum!

I haven’t felt my sugar rising and going down like I normally can (I’m pre-diabetic).

I suffer from daily headaches and when I say daily I mean it. I go through so much Tylenol, Excederin, and Ibuprofen it’s ridiculous, just ask my husband. However this week, I had to take ibuprofen once and that’s because this is my worst time of year with allergies and it’s still going to happen, I know that. I just can’t remember the last time I went more than a day without a headache!

This week I have been more energetic and less fatigued than ever! I feel wonderful! I had one evening when I felt very tired compared to the rest of the week but I’m going to blame that on the time change!

Maybe a little too much information but I know a lot of people suffer from this. So here it goes. I can use the bathroom regularly for the first time in years. I was living on probiotics and when I would miss a day, it was miserable. I haven’t had to take it all week long!

There is so much more about this shake I could tell you but know it is NOT a protein shake or a weight loss shake. It is packed full with nutrients, vitamins and whole foods (Super foods). I am sure my body was lacking so much since I was without a thyroid. I am a firm believer in this shake now! Totally worth the money and the leap of faith it took me to try it.

Please let me know if you are interested in this, I would love to share how to get this and help you through your journey. I just really want to be the cause of someone else feeling great like I am! Plus since I’m starting the exercise part of it next week, could totally use someone I know to do it with me!

Have you ever had a good experience with any weight loss programs or healthy changes? If so, I’d love to hear how you felt when you realized it was working!


**Disclosure: I am a Team Beachbody Coach. I do get paid a little for every sale through my link. However, if you buy any products through that link I am your coach, your accountability partner, encourager and here to help in any way possible. These are my thoughts on the product and how they are working for me. If you are interested to know any more about this, please contact me or go here to look around. **

Three Reasons I’m Making a Lifestyle Change

Ever just feel like you have had enough? You don’t feel good. You are tired of not being healthy. You are exhausted from trying to kick those bad habits. Well below are three reasons why I’m making a HUGE lifestyle change and if you have any of these problems you should think about joining in with me.

  1. Kicking Bad Habits – Smoking is really bad for you! I’ve been trying for months to quit (actually tried off and on for years) but to be quite honest my will power is not great with this one. I’ve cut down immensely but not quit all together. I do know if I start eating healthier and exercising, I’m not going want that junk either.
  2. Clean Eating – We eat way too many things that are bad for us. It’s the quick, cheaper (unfortunately) and easy things to make that are bad for us. I love bread, pasta & cheese. All of this is bad for you in abundance. America eats way too much in one meal, this includes me. I’ve gained so much weight since my first son 19 years ago. I’m done not feeling comfortable in front of my husband, in a bathing suit or in the mirror.
  3. Chronic Illness – My lack of a thyroid is screaming at me, “help!” I need better nutrients going in my body and I need to rid my body of the bad. I also need to exercise to help me lose the weight I want to lose and help with my constant fatigue. I will NEVER feel better until I do this.

Over a month ago my husband showed me a picture of a friend he went to high school with. She was using Team Beachbody products. Doing the #21dayfix (clean eating and exercise) and using Shakeology. Her before picture looks like me now. Her after… my mouth dropped wide open. I couldn’t believe the transformation she had in just 6 months. She’s not the only one. After seeing that, I contacted her. I wanted in on whatever she was doing! A few weeks later after researching it, I opted to try it. She put me in contact with a group on Facebook that uses the same products so I could ask questions or learn what to eat and not eat. The transformations and honesty about the products showed me that I’m doing the right thing. It’s not a cheap product but it’s safe and healthy. Yes I researched it thoroughly; I had to with my thyroid issues. So in the coming weeks you are going to see some lifestyle changes out of me. I have to take it slow because I just had surgery last week for a possible cancer in my lymph nodes (no it wasn’t cancer, woohoo!). Hence, why I’ve been MIA. Again. However, I am here to share this journey because I hope that it will help at least one other person!

Big lifestyle changes in baby steps because I know if I go full force into this, I will fail.

Lifestyle changes, baby steps or giant leap? How did you do it?



**Disclaimer: I am a Team Beachbody Coach and I will make money if you intend to buy through me. However, this is not my purpose. My purpose is to feel better and share how it is working for me. So hopefully those like me may feel better too! Some links on my blog will go to my personal page on their site but I do not get paid for those clicks.**


Please Excuse The Mess!

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Thank you and have a great first week of February!