My First 5K Experience

My friends Malise and Jen put together a team to walk in the Susan G. Komen 5K that was held in Raleigh last month. They did it in honor of me! I am so thankful for the friendships I make in my online journey. It was really cool to participate in my first 5K!

At the race, I met new people walking or running with us and I was able to hug old friends! See this is everyone…

Below, from left to right, my personal cheerleaders and sweet blogging friends: Malise, myself, Jen and Heather!

A huge thank you to Hanes for sponsoring our group! They are an amazing company that cares!! I am overwhelmed that such a huge company opted in on this for our small group. While we were walking we passed a whole group cheering people on and they were shouting “We LOVE Hanes!” Our shirts even had Team Chestnut on them!

Malise and I walked the whole 5K. I just could not handle actually running it at this point but when we finally got close to the finish line, I ran a silly run to the finish line!

My husband waited at the finish line for me along with all of those who ran it in our team. The look on his face just told me how proud he is of me! They all had me fighting tears. What beautiful friends I am blessed to have!

I was even more humbled when I crossed the finish line. I was approached by a news crew who interviewed me but I was so engulfed with emotion I was stumbling over my words. So needless to say they did not post it on their site! Thank you for that news people!

In the end, I just want to publicly thank my sweet friends who did this with me and for me. It was so healing! A huge thank you to Hanes and Wyndham Hotels for making it possible!

Have you ever run a 5K? Would you?




  • Heather

    Chele, I am SO proud of you!  And I am so honored to have been a part of “your” team! I’m already looking forward to next year!

    • Chele

      Thanks my friend! Love ya!!

  • Jennifer Houck Spink

    I ditto Heather’s words. I was honored to be a part of your team and that we got to do our 5K together. Girl…. I was so emotional when you crossed that finish line. You are amazing and I was so happy I could be there to cheer you across the line. I love you girlie and let’s make this a  yearly tradition!

    • Chele

      Jen, Malise totally made me choke up too. lol. I am just thankful for all of your friendships! And yes I’m up for the yearly tradition! The Hubby said he wants to walk next year too. I’m not sure I’ll be up for running by next year but walk I can do! :) Love ya!

  • Erika

    Wow. I think that is just completely awesome!! It really sounds like your online friends are becoming more than just online friends. Happy for you and way to go on finishing the race! Impressive 😉

    • Chele

      Thanks Erika! :)

  • Becca Bernstein

    This is awesome. You’ve got some good friends!

    • Chele

      Yes I do Becca! :)

  • Robin

    OK, you are going to think me a MORON. My friends have been doing these 5Ks– seems like they are ALL doing it, all of a sudden– and I have felt sort of left out. Partly because it’s like they have a secret club, but partly because I envy them their sense of accomplishment.

    I can’t run. I ruined my knees playing basketball and at about a mile running, my knees just lock up.

    It never ever occurred to me until I read this that I can WALK that 5k. DUH. I am so signed up for the next one! Thanks :)

    • Chele

      Robin, I wasn’t going to do the 5K until I found out Malise was just walking it too. So I went. Guess what, Malise and I are definitely not the only ones who were walking! BTW, you are NOT a moron! xoxo

  • ConnieFoggles

    So happy for you Chele! I bet the support of your friends was even better than the success of getting through the 5K. You go girl!

    • Chele

      Awe thanks Connie! Yes the support of my friends is absolutely what made me so humble and teary. xoxo

  • Nanette

    Just reading your post Chele I was holding back tears.

    Wonderful to see Hanes support such a great cause and that Wyndham Hotels also helped make it possible.


    • Chele

      Nanette, you are so sweet! Thanks my friend. I love to see companies reach out like they did. :)

  • Anonymous

    Love. Love you. Love this. Love those girls. Just love. <3

    • Chele

      MUAH! Love you too my friend! :)

  • Shana

    How awesome is that! You have amazing friends and you my friend are amazing! Love the picture of you doing your silly run.

    • Chele

      Oh you are so sweet Shana! You are an amazing friend too! So glad you stopped by! Yes the silly run, every time I look at it, I giggle! :) xoxo

  • Creatingmotherhood

    WOW!! congrats to you & WOOO to all that helped you achieve such a wonderful goal!!

    • Chele

      Awe thanks my friend! :)