Unforgettable Memories – Wordless Wednesday

My baby boy starts Kindergarten next week. I will officially have all four of my children in the school district. Bittersweet!

Here are some photos from his graduation from Preschool this past June! Isn’t he just adorable! (I’m a little bias though, lol)

However, I will always remember this moment right before his graduation. Priceless and precious!

This boy is so precious. Never ever will I forget this photo and this moment. I have never had a photo that I cherish as much as this one. It is an unforgettable memory!

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  • http://www.hinessightblog.com Hines-Sight Blog

    So sweet.  Mine starts next week.  I read yesterday’s blog post, but did not get a chance to comment.  I missed you, and glad you are back, but am glad you took the time you needed.  I’ll be thinking of you. 

    • http://www.thebonafidelife.net Chele

      Thanks girl! :)

  • http://brainfoggles.com/ ConnieFoggles

    I remember those days. He’s adorable!

    • http://www.thebonafidelife.net Chele

      This is the fourth and last time I will be sending a child to Kindergarten. Can’t believe it! Thanks Connie!

  • Christine

    What a cutie!

    • http://www.thebonafidelife.net Chele

      Thank you Christine! :)

  • http://shanamama.blogspot.com Shana

    Oh my goodness, that last picture is the best picture ever. It brings tears to my eyes just looking at it <3!

    • http://www.thebonafidelife.net Chele

      I know tell me about it! Will remember that moment forever, thankful my hubby took the picture when I didn’t know it! :)

  • http://zensiblemama.com Maricris

    Aw that just touched my heart. So bittersweet indeed!

    • http://www.thebonafidelife.net Chele

      Awe thanks Maricris! xoxo

  • http://twitter.com/MamaDweeb Annie Shultz

    OMG you are one proud mama!! He is such a handsome little guy! Congrats on starting kindergarten!

    • http://www.thebonafidelife.net Chele

      Thank you Annie! I am a proud Mama with all four of my kids… this one is the baby though! I can’t believe I’m at this point with all four kids in school. Scary, LOL!

  • Amanda @ High Impact Mom

    Ahhh!! He is so adorable! <3

    • http://www.thebonafidelife.net Chele

      Thanks Amanda! I am bias but he is adorable isn’t he?! 😉