Bona Fide Promotions ~ 8/22/2011

It’s been awhile since I’ve done the bona fide promotions. Thought I should continue doing it since I love helping others the best I can! So if you have a post you would like to promote (nothing wrong with a little self-promotion!) please add it to the link up below!

Here are my favorite posts from this week…

  • Last week I wrote this post about some depression issues I have been having. So when I read this from my friend Amy over at Freaky Perfect, it gave me some perspective. Go check out The Rainbow Says So. Especially if you are having some down times right now!
  • Need some inspiration? I sure do! 😉 My friend Ang England wrote some Inspirational Quotes for bloggers You Can Tweet or like me I use quotes for inspiration on posts a lot!
  • Kadi over at Our Seven Seeds has 140 Must Follow Moms on Twitter posted. Yes I am on that list but there are 139 others that you must follow if you are on Twitter!! If you are not on Twitter well you can find their Twitter URL too!
  • Things I Have Learned Since Doug’s Layoff was posted last week by Jodifur. I can totally relate with everything she says! Lessons can always be learned by things we consider a bad thing in life.
  • Do you have Ineffable plans and faith issues? I do! My friend over at It’s my life… shared how sometimes it’s hard to be what we want to be. Things change, sometimes our faith isn’t holding us up. Absolutely loved this post and the authentic nature of it!
  • Last but definitely not last! My friend Robin wrote a post over at Incourage this past week. It is an amazing post that anyone who is married, divorced, remarried, getting married or having a troubled marriage needs to read! So another words any woman needs to read Just…breathe…!

*Disclosure – I am doing this link up for you to promote a post of yours you would like others to read. If the material is offensive (i.e. disrespectful to others or unethical) I will delete the post from the list. The posts in the linky do NOT reflect my own opinion.


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