I Remember – Wordless Wednesday

Back on September 11, 2001 my husband and I were on our way to work, we heard on the radio that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. When we go to work and turned on the TV, it was just in time to see the second plane hit. All I wanted to do is close my Dad’s restaurant and go back to the daycare to pick up my four and five year old boys. Go home and hold them tight.

I remember and I will NEVER forget.

This weekend, my daughter had her first football game to cheer at. They held a memorial for 9/11 and I wanted to share some photos with you. The ones of the firefighters staring up at the half-staffed flag…. some with closed eyes turned my eyes to tears. It was an amazing site for me. So I decided to share these photos instead of my daughters first game.

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  • http://brainfoggles.com/ ConnieFoggles

    Seeing firefighters even now still brings me back to that day. I’m forever grateful for their service.

    • http://www.thebonafidelife.net Chele

      Yes, AMEN to that Connie!

  • http://shanamama.blogspot.com Shana

    Beautiful shots Chele. Even though that day is etched in stone in our hearts It’s heart warming to see the firemen doing a memorial to 9-11. One day a year where everyone comes together as a community.

    Hope your daughter had fun cheering.

  • http://twitter.com/RachelFerrucci RachelFerrucci

    We’ll always remember exactly what we were doing that day and it will leave a scar forever. I’m happy your daughter was still able to cheer at her game and I hope she won! Beautiful pictures!