I Wish I Didn’t Like To Eat So Much {#15bytypea update}

I like to eat. Seriously folks, I am surprised I’m not 250 lbs. Thankful I’m not but really I like my food. Since starting this #15bytypea I have had good and bad days. If I go over my calories, I say screw it and eat something else! If I don’t go over I pat myself […]

You Might Need Menu Planning…

I’ve taken a backseat with this for too long. Below are some thoughts to why I (or maybe even you) might just need Menu Planning! If you are running to the grocery store  numerous times a week… you might need menu planning! If you are eating sandwiches and frozen chicken nuggets most of the week… […]

Menu Plan Monday – August 31st

This week I will be working on getting my time better organized. It is my goal by the end of the week to have some kind of plan together! I was trying to do that last week and never made it priority so here I am! Hey! Anyone want to join me this week with […]