Life Is Catching Up

First thing I want to say is that I am so thankful for all my faithful readers. I couldn’t believe even though I haven’t written in a few weeks my subscribers went up. God is so good!

Anyway my busy life the past few weeks is catching up to me. I am just plain worn out. I’m not feeling well. I am tired. I know it’s because I am finally slowing down and it’s time to re-evaluate again. I believe in re-evaluating my life often. With God… not what I think should be happening in my life. It’s that time again and I am in the process of doing this now. I will be back, I know that. I feel that God is calling me back but he’s also saying get it together first! Don’t jump in head first and get drowned… baby steps! :)

So with that said, keep an eye out for another post real soon. Until then please go see my friends at The Creative Mama! Yes she is back with a new look and a new journey! I am so excited! My other blogging angel is taking part and I am so happy for her!

Much love to you all! May God Bless you!


Thanks to You

I just wanted to say thank you all for joining in my Blogwarming Party.

So many people were part of my Blogwarming Party and they are all a blessing to me! All of the people involved I have met through blogging and they have become true friends in my journey here!  Hopefully I get to meet all of them at some point face to face. I want to especially thank you all for your time to do the interviews and guest posts! As well as giving your own talents as giveaways! If I can ever do something for you in return, holler!

I especially want to thank those who commented and continued all week with me.

  • If you are someone that has come with me through this journey to The Bona Fide Life. Thank you so much for staying with me!
  • If you are someone that has just found The Bona Fide Life, I would love you to continue with me here! You have made me smile! :)
  • If you are someone that came here because you are a “real-life” friend or family. Please continue to read. You all are a blessing to me. (Just know you can comment, even if you don’t have a blog!)

I prayed about this past week continually. I am doing this for Him to reach out to His children. This is not for me, God put me on this journey of blogging. He knows it makes me happy to have the interactions that I am having but it is all about Him. I praise God for the Blogwarming Party success. He put all of you in my path for a reason and for that I am grateful!

Stay tuned because next week I will be sharing more about me and more about what is to come with this blog. I hope you all will join me in my journey!

Have a blessed weekend ya’ll! (yes living in the South grows on you!)


Celebrating God in My Husband

“She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.” Proverbs 31:12

My husband has come a long way! He was brought up going to church, not all of his childhood but most of it. About 6 years ago we agreed our own children needed that church structure. I knew we did too. My husband started going with us from the start. He believed but did not live it. Through the years, he has grown. There are so many people out there that go to church without their spouses. I am definitely blessed with a man, even if in the beginning he just went for his family, that comes with me.

Last year while living in Pennsylvania, he said to me many times how he missed our church family. Not just his blood family. It came to me that I am keeping him from God by staying up there. So we moved back. Yes, we could’ve found another church but we love our church family as our own and missed them dearly.

If you would have known us personally (some of you do) you would know that he would never go to anything church related on his birthday. I actually assumed we were not going to church yesterday because of that. Then he said, “what? we are not going to church, I want to go.” WOW!! Thank you Lord! Yesterday, our preacher announced that it was his birthday during prayer requests and praises. It took me the whole time to spit this out and usually it doesn’t come out right so I don’t know if I said everything I meant. I praised God for a husband that was sitting beside me in a pew Sunday morning, on his birthday!! I realized yesterday morning that God is working on him. I didn’t even realize it! I pray for him everyday to be the true Christian husband and father. Kind of like my earthly saint, my Papaw, who is now in Heaven. I want him to see the things I see. I want him to have the right words when disciplining our children. I want him to pray with me at night and do devotions with me. See, my husband is too smart for his own good. He believes but not with everything. He’ll make a comment because he can’t see how it is possible with some things the Bible tells us. I try to have the right words, believe me, it is hard and a scary place to be. I give thanks to God for being there through this all and helping me to see He is working on the amazing husband He gave me!

I think I embarrassed him a little yesterday with my praise but I couldn’t keep it in. It was the Holy Spirit pushing it out. It was my heart.

Back when we started at our church, the first thing we did was go to a marriage retreat. We don’t fight or argue much at all. But, I knew it would be great! So we went. Our preacher and his wife, were amazing teachers that weekend. It taught me more than they know. I pray my husband continues on this path towards Him. So we can be the three strands (Ecclesiastes 4:12) and have God the center of our lives together that I have prayed for all along. It has been a Beautiful Life and I pray that we continually grow in him! (I am linking this to The Inspired Room because I think it is a beautiful thing Melissa does!)

Lord God, thank you for being there. Thank you for working on your child, my husband. Please continue to work on his heart and help me with the right words to come out of my mouth. I give all the Glory to you in the work you have already done in my husband. Please remember all the people reading this that they need You as the center of their marriage. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!

Do you and your husband’s do devotions and pray together? Can you share your story with me? It is a big struggle in my life but I know he is getting there. Do you struggle with this too?

Many, Many Blessings!


Friday’s Blessings – Angels

*Please take note, this is a repost. If you have made a comment on this, I appologize that it is not here. Something went wrong and I lost everything. Starting over again… Thanks for your patience!

No not Angels with wings but Earthly Angels! The ones I like to call my Blogging Angels (look on the right, you will find most of them there!) I believe that God gives us Angels that we cannot see but I also believe He gives us friends as our Earthly Angels.

I have some specific ones that I want to shout out to because they changed my life. They are such a blessing to me, a gift God placed in my path to help me get where I feel He is leading me! This is the only way I can think of to let them know how thankful I am for them in my life. The help and encouragement they have given me from the start of this blogging adventure has been a sure blessing! Most of them I don’t even know face to face but feel I have known them all my life!

The reason I started this blog thing is because of Tsh. I was in a down moment at the time and I found her blog and commented. She helped by encouragement of words and gifts! She made me realize that this blog world, is the real deal. Real people, compassionate people, Christian people! Thank you Tsh! You don’t know what you have let out of  the bag! Ha-Ha!

When I started out Proverbs 31 Homekeeper (if you are new here, this is the blog I moved from just changed the title to something more real to me), I just didn’t know how it would work out. Other than my “real life” friend Erika who of course has always been a blessing for many years, Marci and Ang were the first two people to keep coming back everyday. You know it helps to know that someone wants you to be here! Thank you for that ladies! They both have given me encouragement all the way up to today (and I believe they will continue to)! I can’t leave out Julia either because she not only commented but she helped with a few technical things too! Julia was also the first person who asked for a button to share, what a feeling!!  Thanks Julia! All of these people I mention have given me the encouragement, advice and help I needed through it all! Please don’t stop being such great friends!

I had a moment that I thought maybe I was wrong about this blog thing. I had won a Christian book from someone and never received it. That was two months ago. Yes I emailed her and made a comment on Twitter (she is following me) and no response!  Then Amy had a giveaway on her blog and I won a Christian book. If she didn’t send it, I knew this was not the right thing to be doing. Not only did I receive the book I won but she sent a little gift along with it that I am now using to keep a list of prayers and answers! Thank you Amy for being that “real” person!

Most of all, this new blog that you are reading is only here because of one friend that God put in my path. Allison is church family. She knows her stuff and has helped me so much! Thank you Allison for helping me see my dreams come true with this blog! Words can’t explain how thankful I am for you!

There are so many more! Everyone from subscribers, to lurkers , to commenters! That’s all of YOU!  You are all blogging angels too! Just knowing you are here puts a smile on my face and helps me to continue! I just felt that these ladies deserved a huge thank you!  Through email, Facebook and Twitter they have kept up with me through the ugly and the beautiful.

I just wanted to make sure you all knew how true this blog thing is. It brings tears to my eyes that these ladies have made time for me! Thank you is not enough! I can only pray God gives you blessings for the time you have spent on me! I truly care and sincerely love you all!

Well if you made it this far through my rambling, Congrats! You are a true reader of mine! Thanks!

Noticing blessings when you are having a bad day, or situation, or a problem your dealing with… will help you see the joy that God wants us to have no matter what!

Thank You so very much, you are a blessing!

First I want to say thank you to some bloggers who have been supporting me for the past few weeks.

Erika who is the other author on this blog and is my long lost sister, not biologically but spiritually. We both have so many stories in life that are similar but she also is my personal prayer warrior and encourager! Check out the blog I read yesterday on The Creative Mama that really touched exactly what she is to me. A great read! I also feel I am already meeting bloggers that can be that kind of friend (even though we don’t talk face to face!) Erika’s posts are an inspiring read. Here is the latest… My Journey with Jabez: Part II.

Marci at Overcoming Busy is one of my favorite reads. Her blog is actually one that I can’t wait to read more of what she has to say! She is my online twin. LOL. The post that got my attention was Post Comment. I know especially right now because blogging is new for me, the comments mean everything! Thank you so much for all the comments Marci!

I also have had personal emails from Tsh at Simple Mom giving me motivation, understanding and help! I am thankful for her. Although I have decided to put off the Spring Cleaning Party until it’s right for me (a few more weeks). I praise her site. What a blessing it has been!!

Laura from Heavenly Homemakers has been a very encouraging read as well. I am doing the Eat more Fruits and Veggies Challenge. Although I am not making much progress like I would’ve liked too already, it has given me the encouragement to keep going! Thanks Laura!

I am still learning how to do all of this. I’m struggling keeping up with my Google Reader but I will figure it all out soon! I am still researching how to make this blog better. Hopefully you will see more new things to come.

Any suggestions with helping me with this blog is greatly appreciated! You can either post a comment or email me (located in the about me section). I’m especially having trouble figuriging out how to make posting a comment better. Maybe a form like some of you have. I know it doesn’t help that this is not my own domain. I hope I can do that one day soon! Most of all what I need is prayer for this to be what I have hoped for. You can see that here. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Many, many Blessings!